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I've always seen art in everything, literally...Any part of daily life I can see perfectly framed! It's just the way my mind views the world, and that is what drives me, what keeps my attention in things unseen by many.

The Art of the Imagination is Priceless. I try to show this through my work, because it isn't just simply "my" work...it takes the imagination of another to Inspire my mind's creation. My Clients are my co-creator's and therefore, held in high regard to the world I call Art!

I am an Artist of over twenty styles of Photography, I am a Muralist, Graphic Artist, Poet, Craftsman & pretty much anything creative I can learn. I've been producing art for others since 2010. 

I design graphic logos, business cards, flyers, invitations,templates,photo & video digital edits,and more. I shoot a vast variety of Photography, from your everyday family Portrait to fantasy shoots of all sorts. I love the Imagination, as it is the root of what Inspires all of Creation!

Imagination Inspires Creation...

Dare to be Inspired


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Rico Murphy
8 months ago

Hi gypsyhaloarts.com owner, Your posts are always well-written and engaging.

All the work I do has been self taught, no degrees or golden tassel to show, I feel it is all shown in my work. I do have a certificate of completion as a Freelance Photographer, covered a few pages in two  GranburyNOW magazine's, made front page news in the Cleburne Times Review for my window paintings on the Liberty Hotel, showcased as a featured photograper on Amberlynn Studios website, self-published a full book of poetry and most recent, my photography was published in the Arc Journals first edition and Fall edition. So, I'm not without notice of good art work.

I believe in myself and my skills grow because I love to learn however I can.

Im very easy to work with, versatile and just all around fun to work with! 

I take time to get to know you and your story, therefore I've got a crisp idea of what I need to get you that perfect work of art

Great memories are made from great imagination's and only happen because of those whom Inspire us...You!!😊